Classrooms are quiet big and spacious with huge gothic windows for keeping in mind the requirement of fresh air and natural light at all times.  It contains 6 windows and 2 doors and a dais in the front and desks and chairs arranged in orderly rows.

At TBS, students learn in comfortably/ergonomically designed classrooms equipped with LED panels, white boards and  Cameras are installed. Whole School has 20 Smart Learn Classrooms. Wi-Fi access points are available to provide wireless coverage to all the classrooms.


There are two libraries located in different sections of the school. The collection includes books, newspapers, magazines, desktop computers, reference materials, CDs and DVDs. All the hostel complexes are having well stocked libraries separate for Senior boys, Junior boys and girls hostel.


TBS’ well-stocked library houses over 10,000 volumes of books, comprising references, prescribed texts and popular fiction. The school subscribes ample number of newspapers and national and international magazines.


In order to promote reading, the school organizes various festivals, displays and activities from time to time. These include reading hour sessions, literary events and quizzes.


In order to attract young readers, the library space is continuously upgraded to create a better learning ambience and provide adequate space to research, learn, share, read and relax.

The Studio

At The Badhani School, we strongly believe that Visual Arts forms an integral part of the holistic development of a child. The   Studio is a dedicated space for students to express themselves through traditional mediums like Drawing, Painting, Clay Modeling, Printmaking and Photography.

Science Labs

The state-of-the-art laboratories at the school meet all the international standards of safety, and standards of the national and the international curriculum. There are three separate spacious labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which are used to infuse a spirit of learning and inquiry in young minds. The experiments conducted in our labs help students better understand complex concepts, while also giving them the opportunity to be inquirers and enabling them to explore a world beyond books.

Mathematics Lab

The mathematics laboratory at the school is a place where anybody can experiment and explore different techniques to solve problems and have learning material available. It is a place where students have a collection of games, and puzzles. The mathematics lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing.

The layout of the Math Lab is designed in mathematical shapes and can accommodate upto 30 students in 6 different tables (5 in each table). This arrangement helps in facilitating collaborative learning among students.

Computer Labs

Information Technology and Cybernetics  have made inroads into academic programmes. We have gone headlong into becoming an IT-savvy school offering Computer Science and other computer courses as prescribed by the curriculum offered in our school. Students have unlimited access to computers and the professional software tools that go with them.

Our teaching laboratories are equipped with computers networked to common file servers and connected to the outside world via the internet through leased lines.


Residential Life

Education at The Badhani School doesn’t finish in the classroom. Residential life is hugely influential in our students’ development – shaping their journey as they grow into confident individuals and global citizens. The entire staff at TBS resides in the campus  and  helps students develop as healthy, responsible and caring citizens.

According to the students of the Badhani School it is  a “home away from home’,  which is the best appreciation for our efforts.  Our precious young generation is  provided not only with a warm and homely ambience, but also with opportunities to enhance creativity and learning.

Student Residences

Our student dorms provide the perfect environment for young people to live, learn and grow, with magnificent Himalayas gazing down at us.  Air Conditioning is provided in the hostels so that the students can feel homely and pursue their studies in a vibrant atmosphere. Students of our fully residential co-educational school reside in 3 boarding compounds (Courtyard view, Ground view and Stage view) equipped with library, television and music systems and indoor games facilities like carrom and chess. The school maintains a happy and healthy environment in the boarding houses by creating a balance between academic discipline and relaxation.

Each dorm is assigned to dorm parents assisted by house-girls, who provide parental care and guidance to our students, while also teaching them how to be responsible and adapt to the community. Hygiene practices and etiquette are taught, and personal grooming is taken care of by the boarding Dorm parents and House- Girls. Our teachers, counsellors and coordinators also pay daily visits to the boarding houses to ensure the well-being of our students.

Medical Facilities

The school has two in-house Medical rooms where the students are taken care of when sick.

Dr.Sunil Ghai and Dr.Rekha Ghai along with the medical in charge and trained nurses take care of all the medical needs of the school.

At TBS, we aim to promote a healthy environment by adopting a preventive and holistic approach to health and wellness. As part of our preventive healthcare programme, we carry out periodic medical examinations of students once every fortnight  as per the National Immunization Schedule.

Our medical infrastructure includes:

A fully equipped ambulance 24 x 7

State of the art First-Aid Center

Food & Nutrition

We provide our students with a range of well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious meals that are prepared using fresh produce from our organic farms. They have vast and extensive menu which is repeated only once in 15 days. The flavoursome, homely meals cooked at the Badhani kitchens are yearned for long after children have passed out of the school. Meals are provided keeping in mind the nutritional value and the intake that is necessary for growing children. Keeping in mind the diverse student body, various cuisines which includes veg and non veg dishes, morning and evening snacks are provided along with milk. The staff members and students dine together.

The menu has a variety of dishes as the first priority. The school has acres of land cultivating vegetables organically and we ensure that we use more of these vegetables on a daily basis. The menu is planned in such a way that students get the taste of home food and variety of a fine dining restaurant with high standards of quality.

Baking Studio

We encourage students to pick up baking classes in our baking studio. We also have Chips and Chocolates confectionery which provide different types of breads, cookies, snacks, cakes, chocolates and other delicacies to relish.

The Outpost

Being the subject of someone’s hospitality is a privilege. Matching the right texture to your dishes makes you to eat your food before you order it. The Outpost provide a high standard of food quality with high quality ingredients and experienced cooks. This is a lay down for parents and students where they can enjoy delectable dishes.


We have spaces for the development of talents and entertainment, sports and culture. The school is equipped with two football grounds, one cricket stadium, four basketball grounds, eight volleyball grounds (including one synthetic volleyball ground), one skating rink, one tennis court, four badminton courts, an auditorium, gymnasium and swimming pool.

360 degree Camp

The Badhani School’s 3600 camp builds confidence, ignite creativity and problem solving. It also stimulates a sense of adventure, encourage social interaction and team building .  It is a number one hit amongst our children because it promotes idea of independent thought process.  Here children stay for a night and socialize also. This gives them time to make unbreakable bonds with each other.  Adventurous games and obstacle games adds up in the excitement.

Disaster Management and Crisis Control

At TBS, each one on campus is trained to make safety not only a habit, but a culture. The school is well equipped with  staff to handle unexpected events or incidents.  All members of staff and students are trained on aspects of Fire Safety, Disaster Management and Crisis Control. This helps them become more aware and equipped with the necessary information to identify and prevent hazards and execute evacuation strategies during emergencies. Regular drills are conducted to tackle any kind of emergency.


For virtual surveillance of the campus, a CCTV system is in place to monitor activities, keep records and collect evidence in case of any unwarranted events. Cameras installed in and around campus for surveillance purposes. The CCTV monitoring room is controlled by the School’s Information Technology team to ensure that the confidentiality and security of the data is maintained at all times, and any irregularities are brought to the notice of the management for action.

Fully AC Hostels

Managed Wi-Fi across the whole campus

Dining Table with wonderful meal served 3 times a day

The Outpost Restaurant for Dinner on a first night

24*7 Power backup

Organic vegetables for kids grown at the campus



Work shop once a week

Water Heater in cold day

Chips & Chocolate - Shop for all needs