“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”

– Sydney J. Harris.

Intellectual growth and development are at the heart of the Badhani School education,. We expect students to be stretched by the faculty and the curriculum. After all, they are here for nothing less!

The Badhani School offers different  types of academic support services and resources to guide and assist students as they progress through their school education. These services grow from our care for each student and our commitment to excellence in learning.

All classes at The Badhani school are smart classes with digital smart boards, Wi-Fi and latest technology.

The Badhani School in partnership with White Hat Jr. implements compulsory coding and computer applications learning at School.

The Badhani School offers students a 21st century education built on the strong principles and framework of Indian education


Curriculum: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), designed and developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi

  • English language medium
  • Curriculum enhanced with learning programmes that strengthen our enquiry-based learning
  • Digital resources are used for the collaboration of students and teachers.
  • Project-based learning tasks provide problem solving situations in which the core outcome is to help students learn to think, collaborate, communicate and feel.
  • Global culture, heritage and cultural appreciation are taught and emphasised to our students.
Career Guidance and Counselling

An adequate choice of career will not only offer an effective job opportunity but allows a student to embrace a satisfactory and respectful lifestyle.

We also implement Guidance Counselling Services  for our students which provide professional, systematic and psychological help to the students at The Badhani School.

The major aim of Guidance Counselling Services is to encourage our students’ academic, social, emotional and personal development. To reach this aim, our guidance counselling services help our students get to know themselves better and find effective solutions to their daily problems. They also help our students improve themselves in all areas and be full-functioning individuals.

Our Counsellors monitor students’ development and according to their needs they give students necessary support such as helping them to understand themselves and their needs, to solve their problems, to make realistic decisions, to improve their abilities and skills, and to adjust themselves and their environment in a healthy way.


Early Years

Prep, Nursery and KG.

Our main objective for the Kindergarten years is to help our young students develop their cognitive and motor skills. During these formative years, we give our young learners individual attention as they are introduced to school life in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere.

Subjects at the Kindergarten Level:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Hindi

Music, Art and Craft, Physical Education and Sports activities are also woven into the curriculum. Lilliput’s participate in fun-filled activities, including games, music, art and craft, story sessions, field trips, special weeks, assemblies and events.


Primary School

Grades I – V

Our curriculum facilitates development of Foundational Literacies that cover Language Skills, ICT skills, Numeracy Skills, Cultural or Civic Literacy, as well as Scientific Literacy.

Subjects for Grades I to V:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Environment Studies (Science + Social Studies)
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Moral Science
  • Coding and computer application using language blocky on platform.




At our upper primary stage, integration of Science and Technology, bringing Mathematics closer to life and the introduction of integrated thematic approaches to teaching of Social Sciences, are some of the new elements of the curriculum.

  • Languages: emphasis is placed on developing all skills, such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in a balanced manner.
  • Science and Technology: the focus is on developing the key concepts which cut across all the disciplines of science and on encouraging learners to improvise simple equipment and design experiments.
  • Social Science: emphasis is placed on the processes of learning and developing academic and social skills rather than mere acquisition of facts.
  • The pace of academic demands is slowly accelerated and, while holistic growth is always the focus, our students are gradually prepared to accept challenges. Our students become aware of the need to set goals and have long-term objectives. 
  • Students of grade VIII can start enrolling for the American high-school program “Prep-Digi” and earn two credits alongside their CBSE grade VII. 

Subjects at the Middle School Level:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Coding and computer application using language HTML/CSS/Bootstrap on Thinkable platform.
  • Social Studies
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Music, Art and Craft, Physical Education and Sports activities are included in the timetable to make sure that latent talents are expressed.


The Secondary School

Grades IX & X

During these years, each student’s intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth is strengthened and extended to a foundation course that enables them to excel in the CBSE board examination. A smooth transition from childhood to adolescence progressively adds value to their primary education.

NOTE: The All India Secondary Examination, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, is held at the end of Grade X.

Subjects offered in CBSE:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Coding and computer application using language JavaScript/ HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/ React native on PS Editor platform.
  • Optional languages include Hindi and Punjabi
  • Work Experience, Art Education and Physical Education classes as per CBSE requirements are also woven into the curriculum.
  • Students of grade XI already enrolled for the American high-school program “Prep-Digi” earn two more credits alongside their CBSE grade XI. 

Senior Secondary

Grades XI and XII

The Badhani School affiliated to CBSE, currently offers the following options of subjects for Grades 11 and 12.


  • Group 1 – Mandatory Subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry
  • Group 2 – Any 2 subjects from: Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physical Education, Painting


  • Group 1 – Mandatory Subjects: English, Accountancy, Business Studies
  • Group 2 – Any 2 subjects from: Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Physical Education, Painting


  • Group 1 – Mandatory Subject: English, Sociology
  • Group 2 – Any 2 subjects from: Economics, Fine Arts- Painting, Physical Education, Computer Science, Mathematics, Political Science.

All children have to complete the mandatory coding and computer application using language P5 Editor on Python and Jupyter Editor platform.

  • Students enrolled for the American high-school program “Prep-Digi” work towards completing their diploma.


Prep Digi Programme

ASU Prep Digital is a new college prep option where online high school and university courses converge in a unique learning opportunity for all students. This rigorous virtual school program prepares students for acceptance at leading universities and encourages them to explore future college majors and careers in an increasingly interconnected environment.

ASU Prep Digital is an accredited K-12 online school where you can take a single online course or enrol in a full time, diploma granting programme. Because we are part of Arizona State University, we offer an accelerated path toward college admission and the chance to earn concurrent high school and university credit.

We’re embedding the university experience in high school to give students an accelerated path toward university admission and careers of the future. Our concurrent courses offer the chance to earn both high school and university credit toward a major.

The same acceleration options are available in middle school, where students are encouraged to work ahead and start earning high school credit.


You may be able to speed up the time it takes to earn your bachelor ’s degree or a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, through one of ASU’s accelerated degree programme. Accelerated programmes offer highly committed students the same high quality curriculum as the regular degree path options.

You can choose to fast track your degree after you’re admitted to a participating programme. Earn your bachelor’s degree in three years or fewer rather than the typical four.


Our education and apprenticeship programmes are accredited to a range of awarding bodies and taking this route, we developed systems and procedures that meet the standards set by these organisations.

  1. UM Steller Awards for the most inspiring School in North India.
  2. Avantika Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Award for demonstration of hard work and dedication.
  3. International School Awards, Dubai, for the Best Day Boarding School of the year Award.
  4. The Badhani School is also awarded for commendable Academic performance in the Board Examinations.
  5. The Badhani School has been listed among one of the India’s top Schools in the survey-2017 by the Pioneer and Main Line Media.
  6. The Badhani School has been awarded with Performance Excellence Award as it has played a key role in foundation mission to enhance academic level for inspiring the students to perform excellent in Silver Zone Polyolympiad.


“It is said that the most powerful weapon of the future is education, with the right education having the ability to change the way our world functions.” 

– Nelson Mandela

The Badhani School offers wide variety of concessions and benefits. For each category of concessions from eligibility requirements, magnitude of the assistance, clear guidelines regarding application form, procedure of availing the benefit etc. are clearly enunciated and elaborated by the School issued from time to time.

The Badhani School offers various concession:

  1. Scholarships to the Children of Defence Personnel
  2. Scholarships to the Children of Alumni.
  3. Scholarships to the Children of teaching and non-teaching staff.
  4. Scholarships to the siblings.
  5. Scholarships to EWS.



  • 20% of the students scored 90% and above marks.
  • 70%  of the students scored 80% and above marks.



Science Stream

  • 35% of the students secured 90% and above marks.
  • 65% of the students secured 80% and above marks.

Commerce Stream

  • 63% of the students secured 90% and above marks.
  • 75% of the students secured 80% and above marks.

Humanities Stream

  • 65% of the students secured 90% and above marks.
  • 75% of the students secured 80% and above marks.