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The Badhani School is a  very busy place. Examinations whenever round the corner are a cause of concern. However it is the Graduation Ceremonies of both the Senior and the Junior School which are earnestly looked forward to. The excitement mounting with all the Inter-House Competitions drawing to  a close ,the 'Athletic Meet' too provides many a  nail biting moment. When the 'Cock House Trophy' is in sight, all  Houses open their arsenals to refit and refuel for the race to the finish.

Footballers -The Opportunists. This year we were blessed with   an exceptionally long football season.  Nothing ever comes in the way where football is concerned .The rains merely enhanced the  spectacle. What a fun filled and highly competitive football tournament it turned out to be.  Somehow the football field brings out the best in all Badhaniites. After all, many a stalwart  has entered the Badhaniite 'Hall of Fame' through these very hallowed grounds. The Badhani Premier league has started developing from a two team affair to a larger multi team affair.

The Graduation Ceremonies. Holding of  a combined Graduation Ceremony for the CLASS OF 2013 of both the Junior and Senior School was a brilliant idea as it made the event more opulent and momentous . This is the way it should be from now on. All parents and guests complimented the School for the finesse with which the ceremonies were conducted. The students on their part presented themselves with panache  and their glory was equally reflected on the beaming faces of all parents.

Camping At 360 Degrees. As in earlier years, Badhaniites ,both girls and boys, have displayed their hitherto undiscovered passion for the outdoors. It is heartening to witness the immense enthusiasm and the intense preparations that are underway  before each Camp. We understand your impatience and eagerness and that is why the possibility of extending the duration of each camp by a day is being explored. Have patience eager adventurers, very soon you too shall pitch your tent.

The Welcome Obstacles. Always ready to face fearful odds we, 'The Badhaniites', never get deterred by any hurdle, big or small. A Badhaniite will always bash on regardless. But then, we've got to keep our powders dry. Who knows when opportunity beckons men and women of fine mettle. The challenging brand new 'Obstacle Course' laid out at our 360 Degrees Camp has hurdles, overcoming which will give success a  new meaning to every girl and  boy who takes on seriously the task of traversing  it.

Catch Them Young. The Dance and Dramas performed and enacted this year  have left an indelible impression on all of us.  The Atoms created a blast with  their brilliant adaptations of timeless stories like The Red Shoes, The Emperor's New Clothes, Simple Johnny and The Soldier and The Tinderbox. All who were lucky to witness the fables  unfold in the magnificent and imaginative stage settings got transported  to wondrous   times and  beautiful lands.   Recollection of those expert renditions will definitely draw forth a smile whenever we lay awake on our beds, waiting for our dreams to  unfold. Must hand it out to these youngsters. They are simply magnificent and are setting higher standards each day. Dussehra celebrations are fun filled and no holds barred.

The Founder's Day Fete. The memories of the  Founder's Day Fete  refuse to go away. The games were extraordinary, each one unique and beckoning everyone to test their imagined skills. No wonder they all had a nice big prize under each arm. The food was absolutely authentic and brought out the glutton in many a gym addict. The 'Best Dressed Couple Competition' was a tough fight and almost triggered a betting round. The beautiful blue sky, the wonderfully decorated stalls and the meticulous planning literally 'made the day 'of each and every lucky one who took the wise decision to make it.

        Pine House Again

Winners of  The COCK HOUSE Trophy

United We Stand-  The Badhani School

  CLASS OF  2011


Always Step In Step- The Juniors



Their Spirits Soaring High

There Go The Caps


The Founder Himself

Inaugurating The Founder's Day Fete



The Badhani Pipers

Receiving Their Standing Ovation

Preparing To Conquer

Obstacle Course at  '360 Degrees '

The Campers' Delight

Bonfire at '360 Degrees' Camp

Creating Sensations

Jaamawar Minx Collection On Display

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