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The School adopts innovative method of teaching so as to make students not only learn but also acquire knowledge of what they worked. Students have to go to the library, refer the source books and collect information so that they would organize the subject in a logical consequence. These things are essential for anyone to be successful viz. sourcing information, documenting logically and gaining communication skills. These steps not only make them understand the concepts but also make them confident. Coordinators who are part of the senior management are personally responsible for the student's academic as well as general performance. Reporting to the Dean of students about each and every aspect  of students keeps the administration well informed.

Learn to perform

The Beginning on levels of observation and understanding, the student's capability is identified and the students are encouraged to achieve requisite levels of academic performance. Based on their performances in the unit tests, there is a possibility of lateral movement in the classes. Children are encouraged to compete with their own previous performance rather than unhealthy competition with others.
Latest News

North American students can now be evaluated for admission in TORONTO in July. Admission process for 2018-19 started.

Welcome Night - Was held on 29 April 2017

Badhani Premier League (Male Teacher and Boys) CFC vs DU on 20 May 2017

Badhani Premier League (Girls) CFC vs DU on 23 May 2017

Graduation Ceremony for Class XII was held on 19 Feb 2017. Chief guest Justice Mahesh Grover.

Graduation Ceremony for Class V was held on 19 Feb 2017.

Christmas celebrations on 15 Dec 2016